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Purchase via Etsy


When purchasing direct from Zincsmith, I ask for 50% of the purchase price as a deposit on the project. Receipt of the deposit places the job in the shop queue for fabrication. The balance is billed when fabrication of the hood is complete and photos sent to the buyer.


I accept cash and checks made out to Zincsmith. I also accept credit cards with an additional 3% fee to cover the processing charges. I would prefer not to use Paypal or other digital transaction platforms.


Given that photos and descriptions are shared throughout the process there should not be a need for returns, but in the case that a return is warranted for damage during shipping, for example, I will send a full refund of the cost once the hood has been returned to my shop. Shipping fees for returns are the responsibility of the buyer.




After long experience with countless carriers I have settled on Old Dominion Freight Line for shipping my custom range hoods, due to the care they take and their excellent customer service. The cost is slightly above the lowest cost carriers, but I have found that it is well worth the minor increase. There is nothing quite as frustrating as shipping damage.


I pass the shipping charge directly through without mark up. The shipping crate is included in the price you pay for the hood. When you supply a zip code for shipping I can arrange for a quote from Old Dominion for the service. You may wish to handle the shipping yourself and that is fine with me. I will provide my shop address and load the crate on the truck.

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