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Range Hood Style Guide

Choose from one of the basic styles or contact me with ideas for a custom design.

I design and fabricate custom decorative range hoods up to 50” in width and 50” in height. The general pricing includes design and fabrication of the decorative hood and the shipping crate. Trim packages are additional. Shipping service is priced separately. 

General Pricing

All range hoods are built custom to order and pricing is subject to specific project details.

For general pricing on average size ranges see below:

Dual Curve ($4000, $4500 for copper)

Single Curve ($3800, $4200 for copper)

Double Sweep ($4500, $5000 for copper)

Single Angle ($3600, $3800 for copper)

Custom Design ($4500, $5000 for copper)


Trim Treatments are Additional Costs

Basic zinc straps $100 (copper $140) 

Antique brass: $400 

Specialty Trim (zinc only) $500 

Dual Curve

Dual curve 2472.png

Single Curve

Single Curve1.jpeg

Double Sweep

dual curve brass dark patina.jpeg

Single Angle

single angle dark patina.jpeg

Custom Design

To Plan your hood, we’ll need the basic dimensions to begin. Please see the sketch below for reference for Width (W) and Height (H) measurements.


Standard Trim Options are included in the base price. 

Specialty trim including steel straps, clavos or ornate trim will impact price accordingly


Trim Options



Full Case                      

Case Trim        


Blower Units:

We design and fabricate the decorative range hoods to enclose a blower unit that you have purchased elsewhere. We’ll need to get the specifications of your unit to design for it. We’ll also need to know how the blower unit will be vented: out the top through the ceiling? Or back through the wall? It makes a difference in the design. We will be happy to work with your contractor to clarify these aspects. We can also make referrals of blower units if you desire.


Questions we’ll have for you:


What are the dimensions of the space you have for your hood?

Are there cabinets on both sides that we need to fit between?

Are there special needs? An angled or coffered ceiling? Cabinet projections? Crown molding that comes into play?


A note on pricing:


The prices are based upon the materials, the dimensions, and the style of the hood. Different styles have different requirements in terms of design, labor and skill to fabricate.


We do our best to stay within the price ranges shown, with the understanding that your custom hood may require something special. Aspects including special shapes and dimensions, additions, ornate trim, and special fitting needs for angled installation may affect the cost. We will provide detailed sketches and any special costs associated with your hood before any work begins. There won’t be any surprises once we settle on a design and agree on the cost.

All of our work is made by hand and exhibits the minute imperfections that are associated with an artisan’s work. We value organic character over machined perfection.

Our decorative hoods are made with cabinet grade plywood substrates clad with zinc or copper.  Blower unit and venting not included. Installation by others.

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