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“A thin surface layer that develops on something because of use, age, or chemical action.” -Cambridge English Dictionary


Zinc and copper are both subject to forming patinas. They are ‘living metals’ that will react to substances that come into contact, forming color variations and hues.


At Zincsmith, we often treat our metalwork with chemical solutions that result in an attractive array of color depths and hues. The patina treatments vary in color and texture, depending on the chemicals used and the manner of application.

The patinas we create are due to chemical reactions and are therefore a bit unpredictable and almost always mottled, with depths of color and hues. This is not paint. A patina is not perfectly even and smooth in color. Our patinas are organic in nature, with the subtle fluctuations and color blemishes found all over our natural world.

CU (cupric sulfate)

Black Magic

Iridescent Bronze

Natural & Custom

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