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Stainless Steel


Mathew Thornton is a seasoned craftsman working in a small shop called Zincsmith in Anderson, Indiana, USA.


His work can be seen all over the continental United States in fine homes, restaurants, office buildings and institutions. Working in wood and soft metals, Mathew has created a unique style of old country character with his tables, range hoods, zinc and copper bar tops and bespoke items.


His work is all made by hand and exhibits organic qualities that separate it from the machine-made items that roll off factory assembly lines.  


He no longer accepts commercial work, preferring to stay in the shop and focus on custom range hoods for upscale kitchens.

His process is to engage in a conversation with his clients, exchanging ideas, reference photos and detailed sketches until the right design is created and agreed upon. Each range hood is crafted as a single project, with photos sent along the process.

Mathew Thornton - Founder

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